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What makes a perfect training?


I have been training individuals and companies for years and I find great joy in doing this. I would like to share with you my vision on what makes a perfect training and a great learning experience:


Not just the content will affect an impactful training, but also the design of the training. This is involves the interior of a room, the use of materials and technology, music to that which you leave after people leave your training. For your inspiration


Every detail of a perfect training is important, but crucial to a successful training is that the trainer completely masters the topic. A proper construction of the training is not cast in concrete. A trainer should know exactly what learning objective they want to achieve for a subject and they should be able to provide multiple ways to achieve this so people start or stop doing or never forget.


The greatest impact you make by supporting your story through various anecdotes from daily practice. They do not have to be great stories but even small events can make a big impact.


A successful training is one in which participants feel free to ask questions and even disagree with the trainer. This contributes significantly to a high-impact course. There are various ways to facilitate interaction (and therefore to reduce this so you do not run out of time). It is crucial to support the interaction of different types of learning styles.


Do it! Nobody is waiting for a lecture but wants to gain experience how to apply the knowledge gained. To give a participant the right exercise at the right moment is challenging. To have a group play a game is nice but if the learning goal is not crystal clear it stays nothing more then having a nice time. In addition, not only games, but also solving a case or explaining the content of the course to each other. Everything that contributes to the retention of the energy of participants. This can be even with words.

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